Dragonball Z Kai Banpresto HSCF (Kai Volume 7)

Alright so I just got home and opened up my new HSCF Volume 7 (Kai numbering) from Banpresto. My first thoughts when I opened them up were “these are small”. I love these don’t get me wrong but there a few issues I’ll point out.
These figures are really small compared to previous HSCF releases. When I stack them up against my HSCF SSJ3 Vegeta and SSJ3 Broly they look puny,granted the Broly is thicker and more muscular than the other characters but even so the new set just looks really small in general. The limbs and torso are small in my opinion. Also paint application to the Androids’ faces is not 100% complete… the 17 passes the test but for 18 they simply painted her eyes on but didn’t really fill in her scleras fully, not a major problem but it still bothered me a tiny bit. Other than that the paint applications and colour pallets are wonderful. Nice bright vibrant colours really bring the figures into existence, and they are all highly detailed and very well done. Another nifty thing they did with the Future Gohan was to make his left arm detachable. (This is cool since these are static figures with fixed poses. I found this subtle homage to the TV series special a nice extra treat. (going back to when Future Gohan lost a limb defending from the Androids).

SSJ3 Broly @ 14cm, Trunks @ 11.5 cm, and Future Gohan @ just under 12cm. The Trunks and Gohan don’t look THAT BAD when compared to the SSJ3 Broly in terms of the size of their body frames. I think Gohan is the closest one to being in normal scale to the other HSCF lines.

Here you can see the SSJ3 Broly stacked up with the Androids, the SSJ3 is 14.5 cm tall and the Androids are 10.5 cm tall. The bodies are also stick thin compared to Broly, now I understand Broly is a big guy, but regular HSCF can stack up to him decently I believe. The Androids just look TOO thin. It may not show too clearly here but once you get them in person you’ll see it for yourself.

Hmm, I should have done full on side shots here, anyway you can see that the Androids again are paper thin compared to the SSJ3 Broly. Again comparing them to such a big figure is a bit biased so I’ll them to SSJ3 Vegeta who is more of a normal size.

The SSJ3 Vegeta is 13 cm, and the Androids are 10.5cm. Even with arms folded the SSJ3 figure is still larger in body frame than the androids. Pay particular attention to the legs and you can see how Vegeta’s legs compare to the Androids, to me the Androids look thin in comparison. I don’t know, they could have made the Androids frames a tad larger in my opinion, just to fit in with the rest of the line. Or maybe the Androids were done this way to set them apart from other releases signifying the importance of them or what not. But even in the previous release of Imperfect Cell, SSJ Gohan, Android 19, and Android 20 (Dr Gero), those figures are on par with the SSJ3 Broly. Even the Kid Gohan would be big when paired against the Androids. I would show you but I don’t have those figures yet :P.

Here we can see Future Trunks with Vegeta in SSJ3, the Trunks clocks in at 11.5cm and the SSJ3 Vegeta 13cm. Again the Trunks just looks a tad smaller to me, I’m not saying its a bad difference or anything, but it’s a noticeable change from the size of the rest of the HSCF figures. I threw in Digital Grade SSJ Super Trunks to show how even a mini Gashapon is almost up to Trunks’ shoulders! The SSJ Trunks is 8.5 (just about 9) cm.

All in all the figures are an amazing buy I definitely recommend them as they will become super rare and expensive as time passes. To me the Androids just looked a little on the small side. I didn’t think they were that small in the series, but I guess they were? I don’t know. Banpresto could have made their frames a bit larger in my opinion but still very nice figures indeed.

~ by raithos on January 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “Dragonball Z Kai Banpresto HSCF (Kai Volume 7)”

  1. I believe the SS Broly and SS3 Vegeta you have are the HQ Paint HSCF releases. They were made to be a bit better looking than the rest of the releases. I also have them and can tell they are better painted and detailed thus why their price tag at the moment is about $70-80 and up for them and as well as the SS3 Goku and SS trunks that goes in the series with them.

    • Indeed, they came in the special collaboration pack that included the re-release of SSJ Trunks and SSJ3 Goku along with the SSJ3 Broly and Vegeta, I got my Broly and Vegeta for 20$ a pop. Looking back now I’m sad I didn’t buy extras since I could have made a pretty penny for selling the set right now. I’ve seen one upwards of $300 and still climbing.

  2. Very true I bought 8 sets of them because some of my friends wanted them but only 2 payed me, and I recently sold 3 of them and the highest I got was $193 with the lowest $177. They are incredible figures and glad I picked them up as well as the rest of the lines I do say these are some of the best but not comparable to the Super Battle Collection which I own the whole series including the movie set.

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