Clank! Clank! Whirrrrr!…… “Activate”

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WOO HOO! Just got this in the mail yesterday, and right away first impression of the figure was… WOW…

I mean recently Jazwares just hasn’t been getting the job done, with all the mistakes and little flaws that just annoy the fans, and piss us off. I mean seriously is it that hard to turn Super Sonics spikes upwards (I know a user from youtube, that actually made a little cash by getting people to mail him their supersonic figures and upturning the spikes and mailing them back.) I mean if people are actually paying to have someone turn the spikes up that means something doesn’t it? or make his eye colour red? The only figure they’ve even been consistent with as far as details go are the 3 inch knuckles and the 7 inch super shadow. I’d say these are the only two figures that are accurate right down to the very shoe design (except for super shadow who doesn’t have any detailing on the bottom of his air skates- but this is a minor issue.)

So anyway I was a bit skeptic to get this figure at first, so I turned to, as well as youtube figure reviews to find out if I should get the figure. Since I’m a huge fan of Sonic (have been since I was a wee little lad living in the UK) I was uber excited to see a metal sonic figure on the line. Now I don’t know why Jazwares put so much effort into making this figure but I tell you I am not disappointed.


Metal Sonic 10 inch figure by Jazwares

Metal Sonic 10 inch figure by Jazwares

Everything down to the detail under his feet is perfect, in fact I took this out of the box, looked under his feet and was more impressed with that detail that anything else, the detail on his feet is SPECTACULAR. the figure also had metal screws in the leg and arm joints to keep it solid. Note that the feet are extremely heavy, this goes a long way to helping the figure stand up, especially becuase it’s a decent sized figure it needs good base support. Also note that the leg WILL pose upwards in the air without being supported on anything (you just have to know how to do it) I had a lot of fun posing this guy in a kung fu kick :P. His feet are missing a single horizontal white stripe that is supposed to run horizontally across the entirety of his shoe, but that’s really not a big deal at all. The legs, arms, head, torso, and feet are all amazingly sculpted and detailed. When you first get him out of the box, the figure will be stiff, like incredibly stiff but work at it a bit and the joints will move. I actually prefer the joints to be really stiff becuase they definitely go towards guaranteeing the figure will be able to pose properly and not suffer from flimsy joints rendering it almost impossible to stand up for pose profiles. The wrist joints also move, and allow his hands to turn in all directions, his fingers however don’t move individually, just as a set, and his thumbs rotate in a circle.

The torso is also excellently done, the jet engine and air intake in the front both look SPECTACULAR, Like truly amazing, this figure is a must have collectors item.The paint job on the MS  is something else, yes if you look carefully it IS paint and not just blue glimmer plastic (I know this becuase My MS had a tiny little scratch on the tip of its head)- also that’s another thing to be wary about. If you can try and go in store and buy this figure, becuase you don’t want to import it if you don’t have to.

As of now it is a Toys R Us exclusive but that will obviously change as people buy and re-sell them. I went to 5 different Toys R Us locations in my region and all I could find were the 3 inch knuckles/sonic pack, 3 inch sonic/tails, 7 inch sonic/werehog/shadow, and 5 inch sonic/black knight. That’s it. Don’t even mention the super sonic/super shadow posers to me becuase those are non existent in Toronto Ontario Toys R Us’. (Again I had to import my Super Figures). 5 different god damn locations and I can’t even find these gems (god damn US getting everything). I live in Canada so I find it stupid that none of our stores have been updated with the most recent Sonic stuff, forcing me to import from the US. Anyway, when I received my MS I could obviously tell it had been opened, the tape had dirt under it, and the figure itself was perfect except for the nose (which was chipped and scratched), and the muzzle had a scrape on it. Clearly indicating that customs had opened the figures nose, and tried to look inside the hollow head for drugs or something, it pisses me off but there is nothing I can do about that. Anyway just a heads up be mega careful when  ordering online, you may not get what you bargained for. But all in all I’d say buy this figure and do so ASAP, these will become hella rare, becuase Jazwares did THAT good a job. I’m impressed Jazwares, you’ve just raised the bar for what Sonic merchandise is supposed to be like, go get Metal Sonic NOW!. Once you get the figure you can actually see the amount of detailing they put into it, it’s truly amazing. It makes me chuckle to think little 5 and 6 year olds are going to get these for Christmas and smash them up within a week. I on the other hand will be carefully cherishing this figure for years to come, I’m ordering another one right now so I can have 2 becuase the figures are actually THAT good.


I’m now going to give you a bunch of detailed shots of the figure, and some comparison shots so you can see the size.

Metal sonic (right hand view)

Metal Sonic (rear view)

Metal Sonic (left hand view)

Metal Sonic (front view)

Metal Sonic (kick action)

Metal Sonic (kick action 2)

Metal Sonic and Shadow (comparison view)

Metal Sonic and Super Shadow (comparison view)

Metal Sonic (in box)

Metal Sonic (Metal Sonic place card)


Metal Sonic!!!!!

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Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic 10 inch Jazwares Figure

So Jazwares decided to up the anty and release a Metal Sonic figure. Now I only heard about this yesterday and after watching a few reviews of the figure, I was instantly hooked. The detail is AMAZING, coming in at just under 10 inches this figure would look good standing next to lets say the venus d’milo or mona lisa. All jokes aside the figure is actually incredibly well done, with heavy feet to weigh it down, and metal parts to keep it solid. A couple no no’s include the ankle joints not being articulated, and also the hip joints are plastic and need to support a very heavy figure, over time with continuous posing etc the leg joints may give out. But all in all I am telling you to go and get this figure RIGHT NOW. It is AMAZING, I just ordered mine yesterday and eagerly need to wait a week or so before getting it but god damn it’s going to be a great addition to my collection. No doubt it’s staying in the box mint condition… now if only they could make a super sonic with the proper quill alignment and we’d be set…..

Sonic Adventure 3 concept

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Alright so I was standing in the shower thinking hmm what would be a good concept for Sonic Adventure 3? Well now I have it, and I got to say it’s pretty damn good, its going to be thorough and informative I feel like I’m about to write an essay so let’s start of with a list outlining the general topics of the new game.

Super Shadow FinalHazard

Super Shadow stopping the Biolizard

Shadow’s revival: As far as we know shadow “died” in his super form plummeting to Earth after being a true hero and stopping the Biolizard in it’s tracks.

In the opening movie Shadow would be shown falling to Earth in a cold mountainous region (Tibetan Mountains), where he would crash like a fallen star at the base of a mountain. As the heat around his body subsides, his super form would wear away (also note that his super form would have made him invulnerable to the crash landing). Here a couple monks would find him and bring him back to a temple embedded in the mountains, it is here that Shadow would recuperate, and train his skills, until we need him later on in the story

After everyone arroives safely from the space colony ARK and returns to their homes Knuckles will be shown recounting a prophecy once told to him by his father who was a great Echidnian sage and part of a long line of Echidnas whose duty was to protect the Master Emerald. Knuckles speaks of his fathers tale about the Chronos Emerald, and the unification of chaos, Master and Chronos, with these three titanic forces one could become a harbinger of destruction, or a savior of light. It was foretold that a dark force would harness the triangle of chaos and use it to become an unprecedented deity ruling over all life. The prophecy also foretold of the children of light and darkness that would stand against this monstrosity in order to restore balance to both universes. “In a world torn by hatred and despair, light seeks to end torment- but in his wake lies the restless shadow relentless forever dormant”. (Referring to Shadows fifty year sleep).

Chaos Emeralds

The seven "servers" - the Chaos Emeralds

The Chronos Emerald would be on par with the Master Emerald with the same abilities to nullify or revive the power of the chaos emeralds as well as having another feature that would freely let the user control time and space. Virtually acting like a time machine instead of just warping around or warping ahead like the chaos emeralds allow; the Chronos emerald would allow for time travel as far back or as far into the future as the user wanted. Of course the repercussions would be dire if this mighty power fell into the wrong hands as this could lead to the reformation of everything that has come into existence until present day…

Back story-

Back in the early Ages on Mobius (Sonic & Co.’s home planet/ Universe) the “triangle” was said to exist. This triangle was made up of the Chaos emeralds, Chronos emerald, and Master emerald- The echidnas living on the holy floating island (on Mobius) were entrusted to protect the jewels with their lives, to preserve the triangle and pass down the prophecy throughout the ages. Knowledge of each of the emeralds’ power and capabilities were recorded along with the instructions on how to use them, and also what to do if an evil force ever threatened to upset the balance and use the triangle for evil. A prophecy was made however during the early years (since the formation of the line of Echidnas that would protect the emeralds) stating that an evil force would come to upset the balance, and seek the emeralds to obtain dominance over both the universes (Mobius and Earth). It was said that when the three forces combined, they would create a power so unbelievably great that it would rip the fabric of time and space, allowing the user to transcend all known dimensions and thus be able to create matter out of nothing, or destroy everything in their wake with a wave of their hand…

Knuckles the Echidna and the Master Emerald

Knuckles the Echidna and the Master Emerald

Starting Out

Basically the game would start out right where sonic adventure two left off. Shadow will have crashed to Earth in the opening movie, and sonic will have returned with everyone else on earth to resume daily life. Knuckles would be tending to his master emerald and taking it back to the temple where he would notice some writing on the spot where the emerald used to be.

Upon seeing the new found text he would realize that the emerald being moved was no accident and that greater forces were at work pulling the strings of fate in order to fulfill the ancient Echidnian sage prophecy that Knuckles’ father had told him about. Knuckles would know the legendary story based off of information his father had told him when he was young and as knuckles grew up this was retained in his memory.  As such he realizes that he is the messenger that would get the events underway. Here we would have Knuckles basically spell out what’s going to need to happen (through the prophecy outlining the games stages) basically sonic would then need to go on a world tour to find shadow, after hearing Knuckles’ prophecy- he would head to Shadow’s last known area where he fell (Tibetan mountains), and along the way Eggman would try and stop him numerous times, in order to of course use the power for his own means.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic (from Sonic Unleashed Opening Movie)

Similar controls- Familiar Game-play

I’d really like to keep the gameplay that was introduced in sonic unleashed here… I mean come on the mach speed abilities introduced in this game were PURE GENIUS, the only things I would want added are the ability to spin dash, and the ability to freely roam large enivronments a bit more (SEGA did a good job of this to an extent, but while playing I always felt like I was in a bit of a rail system, One of the reasons why I think Sonic Adventure two was such a smash hit is becuase it had a great story, with great characters a legendary new rival for sonic and the ability to freely explore the entire game environment and sometimes you would have to do just that (especially with the treasure hunter levels as played with Knuckles and Rouge.) Incorporate ALL characters- [this was also another great move done in Sonic Adventure two, that was lacking in unleashed.] You want to be able to play a variety of characters with multiple storylines in different environments, not just Sonic all day long.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

And now I want to highlight Shadow as well, you need to give him a few new moves and abilities including but not limited to: Sonic’s mach speed, I don’t know why you thought it was alright to reduce Shadows speed to that of a turtle in Sonic the hedgehog 2006 but I want to re-iterate that this was NOT OK!. I found myself flinching every time I had to play as Shadow becuase he couldn’t move fast enough, as I recall Shadow is stated as being able to skate “as fast, if not faster than Sonic” and should easily be able to do so seeing as he  is the “ultimate life form” and all. Shadow should also be able to do chaos spears at will, as well as obtaining chaos emeralds in game that allow him to use chaos control and warp around the stage freely. SEGA did a good job with orienting shadows chaos powers in sonic 2006, but I felt a lack of speed really hurt him, I want full maneuverability,  full chaos powers, and even the ability to fly and hover with his air skates- and just a better overall Shadow. Blend in the mach speed capabilities introduced in sonic unleashed as well as shadow and his chaos powers and I guarantee you- you will not be able to keep this game on the shelves. Since 2001 (introduction of Sonic adventure two) SEGA has been straying away from what they really need to focus on: story, content, game play, ORIGINALITY, and the ability to freely maneuver hedgehogs in 360 degree open environments at top speeds. In terms of Sonic he would have all of the same abilities as he had in unleashed, as well the ability to use his “Sonic Wind” Move from Sonic Adventure two. (As you can see I want to stay on par with Sonic Adventure two as much as possible)

Super Shadow the Hedgehog

Super PoweredSuper Sonic

Also I would emphasize the super Shadow/Supersonic characters in this game, and not just have them confined to a stupid rail system or a cut sequence of movies, I find it surprising that the super levels the most anticipated parts of the game only a) last for 5-10 minutes, and b) either work on some crappy rail system or just fly around in circles. And here we get to one of the most important highlights of this concept the SUPER FORMS. I guarantee you if SEGA took a poll of how many players would want extended and more interactive super levels you would get a 120% response checking the “Yes” option.

These levels are the most anticipated during any Sonic game and as such should be fun and more riveting than the game itself. I felt that SEGA just didn’t bring that to the table in unleashed, I mean I found myself at times wanting to whip the controller at the TV becuase the rail system functionality of the super levels just wasn’t appealing to me, I mean come on this is Super Shadow and Super Sonic we’re talking about here. They should be able to do more than just fly in a straight line or in small circles to defeat their enemies. The only game in my opinion that has even come close to having an inkling of interactivity where the super level is concerned is Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. Again I was impressed that each character could perform different moves based on their own abilities and traits, however I was still disappointed since the level only lasted for a maximum of 5 minutes and you can only fly in one giant circle. I would vouch that the super hedgehogs would have free maneuverability in the final environment be able to fly wherever, run wherever, land wherever they want fire energy blasts, chaos spears, chaos lances and move at super speeds at will. Also they should be able to use their signature moves like chaos spear and sonic wind with ease. (Furthermore new abilities should be unlocked, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Turbo tails/Hyper Knuckles in there as well)

Super Shadow Combat

Super Shadow powers up for combat

Shadow would get new powers like:

Chaos Lance- Culmination of 10 highly charged chaos spears into one.

Chaos End- shadow warps around the enemy and attacks from all directions, can be used freely in conjunction with chaos control and chaos blast.

Super Sonic the Hedgehog

Super Sonic prepares to do battle alongside Shadow

Sonic would get new powers like:

Sonic Boom- Sonic would instantly shatter the sound barrier and destroy objects around him, he would also be able to fire rays of golden light while activating this move, that would be able to destroy small projectiles or enemies sent out by boss characters.

Supersonic- This move would focus on speed alone and would make sonic move faster than ever before, in conjunction with running or flying this move would make sonic as fast as the wind with a golden fire behind him perfect for encircling a boss or enemy

Super characters would have the ability to run on the ground and take off and fly in the air, and land again- so you get full maneuverability and control of the characters. The final boss could be a dark entity from another dimension seeking to control earths resources to replenish itself and then try to conquer the universe with the powers of the triangle. (The entity was brought into this dimension when Sonic and Shadow used a massive amount of Chaos Energy to warp the space colony ARK away from Earth’s atmosphere) Shadow and Sonic would meet near the final levels of the game, team up and defeat it.

Super Tails and Hyper Knuckles

Turbo Tails

Hyper Knuckles

Hyper Knuckles

After beating the final boss, players should be able to unlock a new feature where you can play the game again but when you collect 50 rings you can transform into Super Sonic/Shadow (like sonic adventure 1), also unlocking Hyper Knuckles, and Super tails as well as unlocking new levels for both of these characters respectively.

Still needs some work, but that’s the basic gist.

Mortal Kombat Syco Collectibles, Premium Format Statue: CYRAX

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So a couple months ago the statue creator Syco Collectibles released a news update that literally floored me to the ground. What was the update you ask? They were going to make an 18 INCH premium format statue of my favourite character from the hit video game – Mortal Kombat. Enter Cyrax, the deadly Lin Kuei Ninja Assassin who was tasked with undergoing the cybernetic treatment to become the ultimate weapon. A Cyborg Ninja. The transformation was a success and Cyrax was sent to fight and kill the members of the Mortal Kombat Universe that hailed from Earth. Eventually he was made to realize his human side and regain a sense of self, he then aided the forces of Earth in their battle against Shao Khan.

Anyway, Syco Collectibles (see their Facebook page for updates,  decided to make a Cyrax statue in his most recent form as shown in Mortal Kombat 9:

And I must say I was very excited! Cyrax and subsequently his counterpart Sektor are my favourites to use from the game. So when I saw that he’d be getting his own statue nonetheless an 18 inch behemoth you can bet I was excited. And then came the preview shots…

Now if you can make Cyrax look that good, I can’t wait to see Sektor!

Will further delve into this topic and upload better shots as they are released!

Dragonball Z Kai Banpresto HSCF (Kai Volume 7)

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Alright so I just got home and opened up my new HSCF Volume 7 (Kai numbering) from Banpresto. My first thoughts when I opened them up were “these are small”. I love these don’t get me wrong but there a few issues I’ll point out.
These figures are really small compared to previous HSCF releases. When I stack them up against my HSCF SSJ3 Vegeta and SSJ3 Broly they look puny,granted the Broly is thicker and more muscular than the other characters but even so the new set just looks really small in general. The limbs and torso are small in my opinion. Also paint application to the Androids’ faces is not 100% complete… the 17 passes the test but for 18 they simply painted her eyes on but didn’t really fill in her scleras fully, not a major problem but it still bothered me a tiny bit. Other than that the paint applications and colour pallets are wonderful. Nice bright vibrant colours really bring the figures into existence, and they are all highly detailed and very well done. Another nifty thing they did with the Future Gohan was to make his left arm detachable. (This is cool since these are static figures with fixed poses. I found this subtle homage to the TV series special a nice extra treat. (going back to when Future Gohan lost a limb defending from the Androids).

SSJ3 Broly @ 14cm, Trunks @ 11.5 cm, and Future Gohan @ just under 12cm. The Trunks and Gohan don’t look THAT BAD when compared to the SSJ3 Broly in terms of the size of their body frames. I think Gohan is the closest one to being in normal scale to the other HSCF lines.

Here you can see the SSJ3 Broly stacked up with the Androids, the SSJ3 is 14.5 cm tall and the Androids are 10.5 cm tall. The bodies are also stick thin compared to Broly, now I understand Broly is a big guy, but regular HSCF can stack up to him decently I believe. The Androids just look TOO thin. It may not show too clearly here but once you get them in person you’ll see it for yourself.

Hmm, I should have done full on side shots here, anyway you can see that the Androids again are paper thin compared to the SSJ3 Broly. Again comparing them to such a big figure is a bit biased so I’ll them to SSJ3 Vegeta who is more of a normal size.

The SSJ3 Vegeta is 13 cm, and the Androids are 10.5cm. Even with arms folded the SSJ3 figure is still larger in body frame than the androids. Pay particular attention to the legs and you can see how Vegeta’s legs compare to the Androids, to me the Androids look thin in comparison. I don’t know, they could have made the Androids frames a tad larger in my opinion, just to fit in with the rest of the line. Or maybe the Androids were done this way to set them apart from other releases signifying the importance of them or what not. But even in the previous release of Imperfect Cell, SSJ Gohan, Android 19, and Android 20 (Dr Gero), those figures are on par with the SSJ3 Broly. Even the Kid Gohan would be big when paired against the Androids. I would show you but I don’t have those figures yet :P.

Here we can see Future Trunks with Vegeta in SSJ3, the Trunks clocks in at 11.5cm and the SSJ3 Vegeta 13cm. Again the Trunks just looks a tad smaller to me, I’m not saying its a bad difference or anything, but it’s a noticeable change from the size of the rest of the HSCF figures. I threw in Digital Grade SSJ Super Trunks to show how even a mini Gashapon is almost up to Trunks’ shoulders! The SSJ Trunks is 8.5 (just about 9) cm.

All in all the figures are an amazing buy I definitely recommend them as they will become super rare and expensive as time passes. To me the Androids just looked a little on the small side. I didn’t think they were that small in the series, but I guess they were? I don’t know. Banpresto could have made their frames a bit larger in my opinion but still very nice figures indeed.

RZA the Black Knights, and Afro Samurai

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Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

Ok, so I along with 200 000 other people are busy searching for the long lost tracks from the hit anime Afro Samurai that frankly never came. The 2 tracks I’m referring to are Black Knights: Caught Up, and the untitled track that plays in the beginning of episode four of Afro Samurai season one. Now I don’t know why RZA has decided not to release these tracks or why the knights themselves haven’t released anything.

Since the death of one of their members (Doc Doom), it seems as if the group had fallen apart with the exit of Holocaust, thus leaving two knights remaining. Now guys I understand your loss is great yeah I get it, but seriously drop the god damn track already, it’s been what 3 years? come on now…

As for RZA not releasing the sick piano beat … I don’t know whether it’s due to stupidity or laziness, but seriously as to why these two tracks didn’t end up on either OST (Original Soundtrack) still escapes me…

Random start to a random blog

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Welcome one and all to my most random of random blogs designed to do absolutely nothing, but showcase thoughts that I feel are worthy of representation on a whim, do keep in mind this blog will cover anything I feel like covering, from Shadow the hedgehog to World events, to the spider crawling outside my window.

We’re going to start with my two new recently acquired sonic the hedgehog five inch bendable super posers by Jazwares, we’re going to do this simply because I feel like it :]

by Jazwares

by Jazwares

We have here up first the Super Shadow figure from Jazwares, and I must say it’s an AMAZING figure, I see no flaws and have no qualms with it. The joints are stiff which is a good thing, since loose joints mean a wobbly figure and you can kiss standing it up bye bye. Excellent paint job, they even filled in the black segment on the back of his shoes that isn’t originally done on the shadow figure. He has articulation in his hands, ankles, feet, legs, knees, wrists, torso, fingers, as well as his quills – his ears even move! Honestly I can say I have no problems with this figure, a definite must buy for any sonic lover or toy collector, I just got this and I’m already ordering my second one (to keep for mint condition purposes).

All in all very worthwhile- the price ranges from $11.00 or so to about $20.00 depending on where you are and your access to them. I was forced to snag mine online since the two toys’rus near me didn’t sell them.

Now just a word of the warning to you- try and pick a store that’s near to you preferably in your own country, and if you have to order online internationally just keep in mind you might not get what you bargained for when you receive your package, I got my figures and it looked like the boxes had been dropped repeatedly dragged on the floor and dropped in a toilet but there’s not really much you can do to follow up on it so be careful.